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Pachypodium densiflorum

I need this plant in my life.


Nepenthes Ventricosa x ‘Lady Pauline’


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The hottest time of year is made a bit cooler by the lotus and water lily blossoms in our reflecting pools. Here are some gorgeous shots of Nelumbo nucifera (or sacred lotus) and Nymphaea ‘Clyde Ikins’, a water lily—before you check the captions, can you tell which is which? ~LM

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In addition to the cactus and succulent collections in the outdoor gardens, Greenhouse Complex, and Cactus and Succulent House, the Denver Botanic Gardens also features artyfully potted specimens.

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We had some great weather today and as a result, there were a few Eriosyce in flower today. The first two plants were flowering for the first time as well!

I think the first two are both Eriosyce crispa and the third plant is Eriosyce bulbocalyx v. marayensis.

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Some of Ma’s pretty flowers! (:

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A few more photos from the garden before I go.

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Clifton Springs and Lake Jesup

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