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Stop Monsanto

Have you ever been to a greenhouse? Have you ever grown food?

This is not what watering looks like. 

This is clearly a foliar spray, which could very well be certified-organic neem oil, or something like a foliar fertiliser. You would never carry around a small tank like that for watering in a production greenhouse. Many of these things are safe and water-soluble (ie. not bioaccumulative), but have a negative health impact when aerosolised, so the worker has to be protected during spraying.

You people really frustrate me: learn something about agriculture before you insist on shouting loudly about it. You are speaking over people whose lives and livelihoods are actually impacted by these industry changes. You are taking up too much space on an issue that practically doesn’t effect your own existence, since you are clearly not a food grower or agricultural worker: there is no possible way you are getting cancer from GMOs.

There are plethora real, pressing sociopolitical issues going on here with GMOs in terms of patenting biological life, and encouraging unsustainable monocultures, but it’s so myopic and navel-gazing to make it all about the totally unfounded claims of health impacts on the consumer side (by the way, consumer demand is why GMOs exist in the first place)! politics




starfish succulent

This one has a bit of an edge to it ~LM



starfish succulent

This one has a bit of an edge to it ~LM



I’m sorry, but when the plant truck comes right up to your work place and there are these cute mother fuckers, you kind of have to buy one, am I right? I mean, look at them. So much cure.

Now to find out exactly what it is and name him…

Wah! Plant truck!?

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Explosive pods launch seeds up to 20ft


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survival strategy by shirunosuke

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Echeveria ‘Romeo’ is a wonderful cultivar which has not been around for very long. It is said to be a sport of E. agavoides, but its striking purple-red color suggests that it might be a hybrid. Also, all our pure E. agavoides plants have a yellow interior to the flowers, while this one has orange interiors. Whatever its origins, it is a beauty!


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Alluaudia ascendens

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Cantaloupe blossom